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  • NameBlake Maxwell
  • BirthdayMarch 30, 1989
  • AddressRexburg, ID
  • websiteMy website

Hi, My name is Blake Maxwell

I have been studying Advertising in school and I am currently a senior graduating in April, but I will be finished with all classes in December. I have been assigned leadership roles where I have worked for real customers. My team and I have created full advertising campaigns where I held the position of account manager and account executive. I was given this role because I am able to manage time, stay organized and lead others effectively.

I am organized and able to handle many different projects at the same time. I have background knowledge in printing and graphic design from working with companies such as HookLogic, BlueAuto, AutoTrader, The Carson Valley Swim Center and many others. I am currently creating a full advertising campaign and rebranding The Carson Valley Swim Center as a family friendly swim center. I have experience with media buying, strategic planning, web design (WordPress) and many other skills.


I've worked with Blake Maxwell on several projects. He is truly a creative problem solver and designer. The skills he has developed over the past few years show in his design work. I've found Blake to be an asset when its crunch time and a project needs to be completed in a short order.

, President, Automotive
David Metter

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